Brainstorming For Event Planners

Event Planning is possibly one of the worlds busiest jobs, especially if you are the sole organiser.

You need to plan, delegate, market the event and design a worthy space as well as the 1000 other jobs you have to take on board.

An event planners brain is practically bursting at the seams with brilliant ideas but making those ideas coherent and usable can be a huge task in itself. Why not sit down with a good cuppa and hash them all out either alone or with your team.

Mind Mapping is a visual thinking tool that can be drawn out by hand or on your laptop/tablet device. You can get specialist software for this. Start with your central category, this could be your clients business name, a word from the brief you have been given or even just a representative symbol/picture.

Next, you need to branch out from the main body with associated representations. These are called the ‘major ideas.’ The smaller branches come from the major ideas and this is where you can get down some of the finer detail.

You could also try word association. This is a great tool to use with your team, especially if you have been given your event brief. Write down the most important word/s and ask your team to come up with their associated words. This can be a great way to see how other people’s minds work and also a great way to bounce different ideas off each other you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of before.

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