The Event Planners Emergency Kit

You will of course have every tiny detail planned with absolute precision. You will know your itinerary back to front and you will be set and ready to hold the best event ever but of course things can and do go wrong. Being well prepared can give you piece of mind and reduce the stresses and frustration.

Bad weather, power cuts, catering issues and people not turning up can’t be helped by you in particular but there ARE things you can help with. For example… Staff feeling ill, wardrobe malfunctions, decor mishaps and electrical equipment running out of charge and so on and so on.

As a super event planner you should have your emergency kit full to the brim of little life savers. A small case for your guests/staff and one for your decor/electrical failings will prep you for any eventuality.

Lets start with a list for guest emergencies…

Hand sanitiser
Small first aid kit
Safety pins
Double sided tape
Small sewing kit
Chewing Gum/mints
Lint roller
Hairbrush, hairspray, bobby pins
Baby wipes
Diarrhoea tablets
Nail clippers

Now for venue/decor emergencies

Chargers – of all kinds
Wire Cutters
Florist tape
Masking tape
Gaffer tape
Double sided tape
Paper clips
Drawing pins
Marker pens
Adhesive hooks/tabs
Paper towels
Batteries – of all sizes

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