Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection from Vitality gives you the opportunity to insure one of your most valuable assets, YOU and YOUR INCOME.

Research has shown you are up to 26 times more likely to be off work with an illness or injury than you are to die before the age of 65 and that most people over estimate how long they could manage financially if they were to face a lay off from work.

We offer short term cover for up to two years and long term cover up to retirement age.

At a glance…

  • Income protection will cover you if you suffer from an injury or illness or a disability that leaves you unable to work
  • Pays a monthly tax-free benefit until you are fit enough to return to work to help you pay the bills and concentrate on your recovery
  • Vitality offers additional benefits to help you recover and settle back into work such as a cash benefit upon your return to work
  • deferred periods from just 7 days