Live Streaming Your Event

Budget and venue capacity may put restrictions on the number of attendees you are able to accommodate. Live streaming can be the solution to your next corporate event woes.
It helps include the people that couldn’t attend and provides content for future use too.

Connect Your Audience
Audience participation can be a significant part of many events especially after the event itself for panel discussions and focus groups. Live streaming to your audience gives them the unique opportunity to be involved by following and joining live Twitter chats etc.
Chat boxes can also be added so that your audience can be involved in asking questions/joining discussions with any guest speakers there may be.

Future Attendance
Many companies have been skeptical of live streaming their events with fear their attendees may not bother attending at all and will instead watch from home, but, it has, in fact, created more of a buzz and can actually make more people want to attend the next event.

Live streaming your corporate event is the best way to show those not attending just how awesome and informative your event was. If you hold an event annually you could give virtual attendees a ticket discount to attend in person next year.

Recording Your Event
Live streaming means you will probably record your event also which will be fantastic to use in your future marketing strategies. You can produce a short film to create buzz for next years event and also use footage and quotes for social media posts, follow up emails and blog posts.

People Do Have Busy Lives
Not everybody will be able to work around their jobs, child care and travel to make it to the event in person or may actually have to cancel last minute. These people may really want to be involved still. Live streaming can be the perfect, convenient option for those who simply cannot make it.

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