How To Market Your Event On Social Media

There are so many different ways in which you can market your event across all company social media platforms but do make sure you pick them carefully. There is really no point posting onto Instagram, spending time choosing the perfect picture and well thought out caption if all your employees/attendees spend their time on Facebook now is there?

But which platforms should you be using and for who?

Pinterest – Traffic on Pinterest has soared by 789% in the last two years, taking it over 200,000 active users in the UK alone. It is used by 62% of females opposed to only 38% males.

Facebook – Facebook is THE leading social media platform with over 31 million active users here in the UK. The majority of Facebook users are aged 34+ with only 26% sitting in the 24-24 age bracket and even fewer in the 13-17 age range.

Instagram – Instagram is the perfect way to get the younger generation engaged. The platform boasts over 300 million Uk users, over 90% of whom are aged under 35. The demographic is also mostly female.

LinkedIn – Like Facebook, LinkedIn has a slightly older demographic with 79% of users being aged over 35. It is also a male dominated platform with only 21% of users being female.

So you’ve now picked the correct platforms to market your event, what can you do now to draw in the interest?

A Countdown – A daily or weekly countdown will not only get your attendees excited, it will also remind them to attend.

Flyers – Post a copy of your event flyer (not a photo, an actual e-copy) on your chosen platforms. It saves time and money and is also an engaging way to get across all the information.

Post Images – As the event gets closer, post images, go on Facebook live and Instagram stories with pictures and short videos of a sneak peek of the venue, decoration and the setup. It will build excitement and give guests an idea of what to expect.

Use a Hashtag – Create a designated hashtag to use for all our event related posts. Encourage guests to use this Hashtag too. This way, it’s easy to filter through all the relevant events posts. You could even try a Snapchat geo filter.

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