What To Look For In A Venue

Finding the correct venue for your event is critical to how successful it may be. The right atmosphere and space for your client’s needs are essential and although venue hunting can be overwhelming, nailing down the perfect venue can make all the difference.

If the venue is wrong, how can you expect other aspects of your event to just fall into place?

Here are some things to consider when looking at potential venues…

Location – Is it easily accessible for guests? Can you get there by bus, train, tram and is there parking for cars? Also, you should check that there is wheelchair access.

Staff – Staff really can make or break and event. You need reliable, friendly and hard working people helping you on the day so do check that they have held events there previously. Also, ask for references.

Atmosphere – Pictures can be deceiving so do try and visit the venue yourself on multiple occasions so you can get a true representation of the space. If possible, you could also take your client along.

Food And Drink – Ask about catering options and possible drink packages for your guests. In house catering can save you some of your budget but it also needs to be up to scratch. Can you sample some of their menu options and also are they able to cater for specific dietary requirements?

Equipment – Make sure your venue can accommodate all your electrical requirements. If you want to hold a presentation, could they provide everything you may need? Microphones, PA system, projector, Wifi etc.

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